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Hi, This post is the continuation of the previous post Ensure all steps has been done For Your Site with a Checklist, I have finished up talking with Off-Page Optimization in that previous post. Now, in this post I have posted all about the work that I am doing in Off-Page Optimization.

i. In Off-Page, I have created so many backlinks for my site from where Google or any other Search can find my blog or site and it will rank my site in google based on the content and other ranking factors.

ii.  If we are doing Off-Page Optimization, then the first part is submitting our website links to directories which is related to our niche.


Hi  my blog readers, I am listing all the things that i have done for my site to ranks in Google (not first anyhow its ranking at last) .

You can check my blog by searching for the keyword "my site ranks first in google" in Google.
While searching make your results pages as 100 results to show in a page and look my blog in the 7th page.
You can find me there. I am working hard with this blog to get it ranked first in google.

Here's the Checklist that i have done to rank my site in google.

i . First , i have created a blog for free in blogger.com and i have chosen my blog URL which matches up with our SEO contest keyword (i.e.My Site Ranks First in Google). For that , I have created my blog as http://myblogranksfirstingoogle.blogspot.com/

ii . Later then, I have selected the content according to my overall blog theme to make my site which should rank first in google for the keyword that SEO contest Judge had given.

iii. I have posted all the new content (i.e. I did not copy any of my content from the web), its all related to this SEO contest on how to make my site ranks first in google and other SEO stuff posted in it. I also concentrated on my keyword density in every blog post.

iv . After having content in my blog, i started doing the On-Page Optimization tasks like Choosing a title for my targeted keyword (i.e. My Site Ranks First in Google), written a well briefed meta description tag. From this the Search Engines can understand that "What my Site will talk about ?" and "Which topic is related to ?".

v. After finshing up with my On-Page Optimization work, I started of work into Off-Page Optimization for my site with the keyword "My Site Ranks First in Google" which talks about more on link building strategies.

I will continue this checklist in my upcoming post


You can ! Don't Lose Hope to rank your site for the particular keyword(i.e. My Site Ranks First in Google) in the big SEO Contest.

Atlast the final stages has come and we do not know who is going to be a winner in SEO contest to make their site rank first in Google.

We are still having the time to submit in lot web directories which can make us better rank in search engines.

Everyone is having still an opportunity to bring their site which will ranks first in Google, No one knows that when these big Giant G(i.e. Google) and any other Search Engines will see our site and crawl it.

So, Everyone who is participating in SEO contest can work hard to get the site ranked in google.